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Insta Snatch Wrap

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Our insta snatch wrap is designed to provide the appearance of a tummy tuck without surgery. Fits perfectly under most garments without showing through clothes. Fits up to 3x (size 22/24).

  • Increases the body temperature and helps burn calories. 
  • Made with segmented velcro fasteners to adjust according to your size and comfort.
  • 35% latex, 65% polyester 
  • Designed to provide support and comfort all day.
  • Long enough to cover most waist measurements.
  • Adjusts to  accommodate weight gain or loss.
  • Durable enough to prevent rolling.
  • Also provides support for people recovering from abdominal surgeries such as tummy tuck, liposuction, hysterectomy, hernia, and other abdominal surgeries, while helping to prevent post-surgery complications and improving recovery time.

Wash and Care: 

Soak in cold water for 3-5 mins and hand wash with alkaline laundry detergent. Hang dry in a cool area. Do not machine wash, do not wring or shake.